Girolamo Zanchi: De religione Christiana fides


Girolamo Zanchi
De religione Christiana fides - Confession of Christian Religion
Ed. by. Luca Baschera and Christian Moser
Leiden (Brill) 2007

Studies in the History of Christian Traditions 135

2 vols, Hardback, x, 524 pp.; 320 pp.
ISBN-13 978-90-04-16118-4
ISBN-10 90-04-16118-X
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Forced to leave Italy because of his Protestant views, Girolamo Zanchi (1516-1590) became a respected Reformed theologian abroad and helped to shape the emerging ‘Reformed Orthodoxy’. Zanchi’s work on a common confession of faith for the Reformed churches placed him at the heart of the international Reformed community. Although that project was never brought to fruition, the result of Zanchi’s efforts was De religione christiana fides, a critical edition of which is published here, alongside a 16th-century English translation of the work. De religione christiana fides serves as a compendium of Zanchi’s mature theology and reflects the development of Reformed dogmatics and polemic more generally in the late 16th century. It therefore provides an interesting picture of the theology of a whole era.


Part One. Introduction
1. Girolamo Zanchi: The itinerary of an Italian Reformer
2. The genesis of De religione Christiana fides
3. Structure and content
4. Descriptions of editions
5. Editorial principles

Part Two. Girolamo Zanchi: De religione christiana fides – Confession of Christian Religion
- Epistola ad Ulyssem Martinengum – Letter to Ulysses Martinengus
- Ad lectorem
- De religione Christiana fides: main text – Confession of Christian religion: main text
- Observationes – Observations
- Appendix ad caput XI. – Upon the eleventh chapter of Christ the redeemer
- Theses – Points

Bibliography (1. Sources; 2. Encyclopedias, Bibliographies, Series, Collected Works; 3. Literature)

Indices (1. Table of Contents; 2. Index of biblical references; 3. Index of authors and works; 4. Index of names and places)