Bullinger's Correspondence

Number of surviving letters: ca. 12,000

Letters to Bullinger: ca. 10,000
Letters from Bullinger: ca. 2,000

Other important correspondences of the 16th century:

Luther: ca. 4,200
Zwingli: ca. 1,300
Calvin: ca. 4,200
Bucer: ca. 2,600
Erasmus: ca. 3,100
Melanchthon: ca. 10,000

Bullinger's correspondents: over 1000 individuals and bodies

Most frequent correspondents:

Johannes Haller, dean in Bern: 662 letters to B. (57 from B.)
Ambrosius Blarer, reformer in Konstanz: 572 letters to B. (162 from B.)
Johannes Fabricius, minister in Chur: 395 letters to B. (309 from B.)
Oswald Myconius, head of the Basle church (Antistes): 354 letters to B. (216 from B.)
Theodor Beza, Calvin's successor: 267 letters to B. (169 from B.)

Language of the letters:

ca. 4/5 Latin
ca. 1/5 Early Modern German
some in French/Italian/Greek
occasionally Hebrew words and sentences